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Frequently asked questions

How do I add my accommodation details online?
It's easy. Just click here to register for an account and then enter your accommodation details. Your accommodation will go live when we have received your photos and payment. This is often within 24 hours but at times can take a little longer.

How long is my ad active on site?
For hotels, self catering and B&B's your ad is live on site for 12 months.
For houses to let, apartments to let, rooms to let, your ad is live on site for up to 6 months.

What do I do if my accommodation is let before ad expires?
When you successfully let your accommodation, login to your control panel to delete your listing.

Can I renew my ad if it isn't let at end of advertizing period?
Yes, simply contact us by phone or email to renew your ad.

How do I make changes to my ad?
Simply login to your control panel to make changes.

I have more that 1 house to let - can I create extra ads?
Yes. Login to your control panel, enter the details of other accommodation, send photos and payment. That's it!

How do people contact me?
You can choose from a combination of email, mobile or landline. Using all three usually produces the best results.

Can I add my accommodation if it is located close to Derry City.
Yes, we have customers looking for accommodation in rural/seaside setting close to the city. As a general guideline, if the accommodation is within a 10 mile radius of the city centre, it can be added to the site.

Have you any tips for creating an appealing ad?
Supply quality, well lit photographs in addition to a detailed description for maximum impact.
Prepare the text for your listing before going online (take a look at other listings)
Ensure that all information/distances etc is accurate.

Can I upgrade to a premium listing at a later time?
Yes, simply contact us and we'll forward instructions.

I do not live locally and need someone to photograph and setup my accommodation ad. Can this be arranged?
Yes. We supply a professional setup service. A photographer will travel to your accommodation, take quality photos for a premium listing, note all the details of the accommodation and create the ad for you. You'll be able to login to amend the ad at any time later. The cost of this once off setup service is stg£40. Contact us by phone 028 71356080 or email to arrange this

Can I send photos taken on my mobile phone?

Yes. Send to 07809 147790. Also, send text message with name/address of accommodation.

Can I add one photo now and send on more later?
Yes. But remember, the more quality photos displayed, the greater your chance of letting the accommodation.

Can I send my photos by email?
Yes. The photos should be at least 600 pixels wide. If they are larger than this, that's fine. Email to Put the name of your accommodation in the subject line.

Can I send photos on cd?
Yes. Address to Derry Accommodation, 4 Drumlerry, Old Culmore Road, Derry BT48 8JB

My accommodation photos are already on the internet. Can I use these?
Yes, with your permission we can use these. Just let us know the web address and we'll do the rest of the work.

Can you use pictures I've uploaded using Picasa, Flickr etc?
Yes. Just send us the web link where your accommodation photos are located.

Can I add a premium ad with only 1 photo?
Yes. It is advisable to add more later as quality photos are the single most important factor in letting your accommodation.
How do I pay for my ad?
The preferred and quickest method of payment is with credit/debit card via secure online payment.
You can also pay by cheque - contact us for cheque payment details

Are payments I make secure and do you store my payment card details?
PayPal provides our secure payment system. This means we are able to accept payment online by debit/credit card for most of the world's best-known cards. We do not store your payment details on our website.
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